Social commitment & youth development

We attach great importance to solid training and the promotion of young people in order to recruit skilled workers through training and studies. emtechnik has been cooperating with the Secondary School in Maxdorf for many years. Participation in the careers and application days very often results in interesting points of contact for both the pupils and emtechnik and offers a real win-win situation for everyone involved.

emtechnik also works with colleges and universities in the region and supports various scholarship models in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region. Graduates from all types of schools can choose the right training or study programme from six apprenticeships and two dual study programmes.

Sponsoring of the relaxation room - "Attractive all-day programme" project

When the Justus-von-Liebig-Realschule plus presented us with a sponsorship enquiry in spring 2023 to redesign its all-day concept, we were immediately taken with the idea.

We were very pleased to be able to offer the pupils support for an after-school programme that is not perceived as a "burden", but rather to create attractive activities for the children as well as opportunities to retreat. emtechnik has therefore agreed to provide the funding for the redesign and furnishing of an entire room. 

Interior design and realisation

In mid-June, we met with Mrs Turrin, a member of the school management team and the person responsible for the "all-day" programme, to inspect the premises and make initial arrangements.

The room, which was still being used as a "transitional teachers' room" at the time, was to become a "relaxation room". emtechnik provided advice on the colour scheme and room furnishings with flexible seating elements.

The pupils wanted a space that would invite them to relax and unwind, which we think has been very successful.