No Chance for Germs

Connectors and fittings from emtechnik are used in many dosing and filling systems due to their high media resistance and reliability. Dosing pumps pulsate through the diaphragms in the application and, depending on how large the flow is, the dosing pump moves (vibrates) faster or slower. Fixed applications tend to break more quickly. To prevent this, rigid pipes can be can replaced with flexible emtechnik tubes and combined with suitable connectors made of plastic such as tri-clamps, nuts and ball valves made of PVDF, PFA and PTFE.

We offer high-quality plastic products for any type of process that comply with the various standards and approvals. For example, products made of PVDF and PFA materials are suitable for hot steam sterilisation, PP and PEEK can be sterilised with γ radiation while fully retaining their mechanical properties. They also mainly comply with the standards and approvals of the FDA and/or EC 1935/2004, USP Class VI and are free of raw materials of animal origin (ADI-free).

High media resistance and reliability in many dosing and filling systems

Clean Drinking Water

It often happens in the water and beverage industry that too many stainless steel parts are integrated into the CIP processes and they are not resistant to the cleaning agents. One approach to a solution is to replace the stainless steel with plastic connectors and fittings from emtechnik with PVDF, PP and PFA as materials. For example, the 3W welding tube adapter can be welded with a ball valve to create an application that is easy to remove.

The fixed connection is used mainly to create process transitions from rigid pipelines to flexible tube lines or at pipe ends. The products feature impressive resistance to media and reliability in the application. The products that are used are also FDA-compliant and/or meet the requirements of regulations EG 1935/2004.

Flexibility and reliability in your applications

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