Eco power for our production

By using regenerative hydroelectric power, we have reduced the annual output of harmful CO2 in our production centre by 1400 metric tons. That's equivalent to the amount that would be produced by an average automobile if it drove around the world 175 times.

Because we care deeply about using eco power, we have voluntarily committed to operating our location exclusively with regenerative energy sources by the end of 2019.

The clean electricity produced in our own energy plant by a block heating and regenerating plant is fed into the public power network. We use the heat generated in the process to heat and cool our production buildings and machines. The net result is a reduction in CO2 emissions to practically zero.


Our active environmental management enables us to control the responsible handling of all raw materials required in production. By using a high-tech polyamide based on castor oil, we have succeeded for the first time in manufacturing our products from 100% regenerative material. This helps us in reducing harmful greenhouse gases, which makes the overall supply chain more environmentally friendly. As usual, emtechnik relies on high quality in this area.

Bioplastics are characterized primarily by their technical properties, which make them suitable for many industrial applications. The material has been confirmed by the FDA as suitable for contact with foodstuffs.
Our products have been manufactured CO2-neutrally for years. With well organised environmental management, we recycle all production waste, leaving as little residue as possible.

Social commitment and promoting young people

Promoting children and youth is a matter of personal commitment for us. Because of this, emtechnik supports youth community representatives – organising their 10-year anniversary celebration, for example – and the Youth Centre in Maxdorf by purchasing a bus.

We provided a large tent for a stage in a summer vacation program geared towards low-income children. It is used every year, for example when children perform dances they have learnt for their families and friends.

We supported the Kurfürst-Ruprecht grammar school in Neustadt in their attempt to set a Guinness World Record by building the largest lattice model of table salt in the world. We hope we have contributed significantly in this manner to foster a sense of community and provide creative recreational activities for youth.