With the flow meter 4Z we have created an attractive alternative to almost all previous flow meters of the Series 4. Standardisation incorporating our great strengths. The flow meters use the float principle and are suitable for exact measurement of gases or liquids.

The flow meters of the Series 4Z offer a variety of connecting options - at the back, on the side or inline. By placing the inputs and outputs individually, we offer maximum flexibility and can implement individual customer requirements. You can also choose between G or NPT-threads.

The transparent polycarbonate panels installed on the front and rear create absolute stability. This allows the flow meter to withstand higher pressures of up to 6 bar. Due to this compact design, the flow meters of the Series 4Z are particularly suitable for panel mounting, wall mounting and as an inline solution.

For the regulation option by handle, we have used the technology of the 5C pompact valve. The spindle, the heart of the valve, is completely integrated inside the housing. Protected, intirely metal-free!

The measuring tube is made of DURAN® glass. In addition to the extensive standard measuring ranges, individual measuring ranges are also available on request. For getting measured values, the devices can be supplied with a ring sensor on request to enable to read out specific values.

  •    Measuring tube made of DURAN® glass
  •    With G- or NPT-thread
  •    Sealing with PTFE cone
  •    Adjustment option via knurled knob
  •    Connection options on the back, the side and inline
  • Compatible with a wide range of ring initiators

We would be happy to present our new development to you and advise you on the selection of the right flow meter for your project.

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Further information on our new flow meter 4Z can be found in our current product catalog.

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