Our 1D Series flare connectors are manufactured in 1/4" to 1" nominal sizes to clean room regulations or in our clean rooms (ISO 14644-1, Class 5 and 7).

Leak-free components with high chemical resistance are a must for the safe use of process media in cleaning, coating and etching processes. This applies in particular to microelectronics and the semiconductor industry.

For installation in other areas, such as the chemical industry or water treatment, screw-in and screw-on fittings, elbow, bulkhead or T-fittings in the materials PP, natural PP, PFA and PVDF are used. Whether with threads or as welding adapters - you will always find the perfect fit at emtechnik.

And should there ever be only little space available during planning - our large selection of spacesaver connectors offers you also intelligent solutions here.

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