The Tri-Clamp connector is simple to handle: the two fittings with the Tri-Clamp flange are joined and then pressed together and locked into place by a locking clip. A sealing washer between the flange sections ensures a secure seal. This provides a smooth, positive connection that can be quickly and easily closed or loosened at any time without any wear parts using the wing nut on the locking clip.

Tri-Clamp connectors made of PVDF and PFA are suitable for hot steam sterilisation – essential for complete sterility. These connectors are also available with FDA and USP Class VI approvals. The connections comply with the applicable standards DIN 32676, ISO 1127, ISO 2852, BS 4825, SMS 3017 and ASME-BPE. PVDF and PFA can be safely autoclavedat 134 °C. PVDF can also be sterilised using γ radiation, retaining its mechanical properties in the process. PVDF is non-toxic below 150 °C and does not provide a breeding ground for microorganisms since it exhibits similar behaviour to glass.

Tri-Clamp connectors do not have any threads and are thus zero-dead-volume devices due to their minimised contact surface, which also prevents contamination. The system is also easy to install, making it particularly suitable for clean-in-place and steam-in-place cleaning.

Connection solutions for every application!

Our Tri-Clamp connection can be combined with a flexible tube connector from the 1+, 1B, 1B+, 1W+, 1A, 1C or 1D series, a pipe connector from the 2N series, a 3W welding tube adaptor or a female/male thread. Other connector types such as barb connectors from the 3T series or 3L Luer-Locks are available on request. 
This gives you a versatile connector that can also be mounted onto existing fittings with a Tri-Clamp connection.

The right material for your seals

You can acquire sealing washers from us in different materials. You need to take into account the temperature, pressure, media, duration of use and cleaning method (clean-in-place/steam-in-place) at all times when making your selection. Get an overview of the application areas and resistance here.

Ask us for professional advice! Together, we will find the optimal combination of connector, suitable seal and required clip for you from our extensive catalogue with over 200 Tri-Clamp components. We look forward to hearing from you.

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