Sales staff from the nine subsidiaries worldwide met with the Maxdorf headquarters on June 17 for the traditional International Sales Meeting (ISM). Core topics were the current business development, investments in machines and buildings as well as the presentation of new products.

The ISM was initiated after Mr. Michael Meier took over the management of the company and took place for the 24th time. While the meeting, which takes place over several days in Germany, is normally supplemented by joint activities for international team building, this year it had to be held for the second time in the form of a video conference due to the pandemic. However, this did not detract from the lively exchange of ideas, and emtechnik succeeded for the second time in turning the meeting into a successful online concept even without face-to-face exchanges.

After a welcome to the colleagues by the management, there was an opportunity for all participants to report on local country events before presentations were made.

As part of the meeting, Production Manager Matthias Feige gave a virtual tour of the production facility and allowed attendees to take a look at new investments at the site.

"Ultimately, the pandemic resulted in us now making much more active use of the available opportunities for digital presentation and exchange, and gaining valuable experience in holding online conferences of this size. Although we look forward to meeting in person again next year, we will continue to maintain certain digital formats, such as our virtual tour, to complement our existing meeting culture," said Michael Meier after the successful conclusion of the conference.

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