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When the offer of the DRK local association Fußgönheim Maxdorf Birkenheide e.V. about mobile testing in the form of a flyer "fluttered" into our house in spring 2021, we gladly accepted it.

Between April and August of last year, all employees could be tested once a week for the Corona virus using PoC antigen rapid tests. This action has greatly supported us as a company in our duty of care for our staff.

During one of these numerous DRK outreaches, we learned of the plans to purchase a new emergency vehicle. They were desperately looking for sponsors, as the special equipment of the vehicle was also expensive. The local DRK leadership was lucky and found EM-Technik to be open-minded. The desired emergency vehicle could thus be ordered directly and has been on the road in rescue missions since the end of 2021.

We wish the local DRK association of Fußgönheim Maxdorf Birkenheide e.V. a safe journey and many successful rescue missions.

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