Our solutions for the semiconductor industry

Whether smartphones or electric vehicles - as different as the products are, they have one thing in common: semiconductors are needed to manufacture the microprocessors.
More than any other industry, this sector therefore places stringent and demanding requirements on solutions for critical applications throughout the entire manufacturing process - from wafer cleaning and processing, to chip processing and packaging.
In addition to extremely high temperatures, contact with highly aggressive chemicals and abrasive solvents is the biggest challenge when handling the usually sensitive elements.

Highest Quality

Our quick couplings are manufactured exclusively in a controlled environment, including our ISO 14644-1 Class 7 and 5 cleanrooms upon request. Coupling and nipple are made of USP Class VI certified materials, are drip-free due to valves shutting off on both sides, can be opened with one hand and are characterized by a particularly strong holding force.

The material PFA

Perfluoroalkoxy, or PFA for short, is highly pure, hardly outgases in vacuum, has only low contamination with foreign ions and shows high plasma resistance. The material is preferred when maximum thermal stability, low leaching rates or high stress crack resistance are required. The smooth surface finish also makes PFA a superior material in terms of particle detachment prevention. In particular, its wide temperature range of -200°C to +260°C makes it an ideal material for many applications in the semiconductor industry.

Our patented quick coupling made of PFA is available exclusively in high purity (HP) quality. This means that it can be used for applications in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical and food industries that require high purity grades.

Thanks to our unique modular system, our products are matched to each other and can be variably combined. This makes it possible for us to also offer you the right hoses in PFA for your project.

We would be happy to present our new development to you and advise you on the quick coupling suitable for your project.

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Further information on our new PFA quick couplings 3K700FG and EK800MG as well as our quick coupling range can be found in our current product catalog.

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