It consists of just two parts coming into contact with media: the PFA housing body and a plug, the cylindrical shut-off body, made of PTFE. The plug fits perfectly into the valve, meaning that media flow can be controlled with zero dead volume. This prevents particles from accumulating – germs have nowhere to hide as a result.

Compared to metallic materials, plastics exhibit a number of advantageous properties: they retain their strength and rigidity even at high temperatures, and they are extremely resilient. They are also protected against corrosion, which means that unlike plug valves with a metal seal, there is no “seizing up” in the body in our 6T series – keeping the amount of maintenance work to a minimum.

It’s not only the good price-performance ratio which sets our smallest valve apart – its PN06 pressure stage does as well. This plug valve is also food-safe and available in USP Class VI.

Our company excels due to its extremely high quality standard. That’s why we subject every new product to extensive test processes. In addition to exhaustive initial tests consisting of 10,000 cycles in our long-term testing machine, each plug valve also undergoes a check by our leak test machine. During the load test, the handle of a two-way valve is locked in place hundreds of times while the leak test checks each valve individually.

The plug valve is given a test number and allowed to leave our premises only if no bubbles come to the surface over a defined period of time under water.  

What does such a quality check look like? See the video here!

Our sales team look forward to giving you a more detailed introduction to the latest addition to our product range.

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