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For years we have been observing the constantly growing demands for energy efficiency in companies in order to minimise environmental pollution and reduce operating costs. With our new 7G300 injectors we want to meet these requirements.

Our optimised 7G300 product range was developed in cooperation with the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences. Together, we successfully managed to meet the goals of reducing the required propellent, increasing the intake volume, designing a more compact injector and minimising the components.

Compared to its predecessors, our new product range is not only convincing with a doubling of the volume flow drawn in, but also with a balanced ratio of suction medium to propellant medium, which results in a higher and more even flow.

By optimising the size and length ratios of our injector nozzle, we have reduced propellant gas consumption by 30% compared to previous models. This not only has a positive effect on your energy balance, but also leads to an effective cost reduction.

Especially when using highly aggressive media, in the past our customers had to rely on the use of an O-ring made of FFKM. By integrating several components into the new nozzle design, it is now possible to seal using a new sealing collar. This reduces the number of versions in our new product range and also leads to a significant price advantage if an FFKM O-ring is omitted.​

Unadulterated sampling for reliable analysis

The process gas analysis offers a particularly extensive field of application for our high-performance product since our solution is perfectly suited for extracting gases
It is important to detect critical measurements in good time with this media analysis. For example, the injector can be used to transfer solvent-based substances to a test process (using a sensor), which triggers an alarm if necessary. In this case, the compressed air pressure of 0.5 bar or more carries the suction media along, thus discharging it reliably. Thanks to its two-part design with an integrated sealing collar, the injector is static in its operation without parts moving to or with each other, i.e. no need for lubricating oils or greases that could falsify the test reading. 

To monitor several measuring points periodically, an additional injector can be used in combination with our electrical ball valve. Combined with the mechanically manufactured measuring point selector it creates an evacuated environment before each sample is taken. This allows up to ten samples to be taken without gases that have previously passed through other measuring points contaminating the test readings. 

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